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The songs of Billy the Conqueror were written and arranged by Stan White and Lou Porzilli, copyright 1999.

Vocals: Lou Porzilli, Stan White, Larry DeBari, Michelle(Shelly) Kristiansen, Diana L. Kaschak, Phil Garland, and Dave Monarque.

Special guest news casting by Magee Hickey

Electric Guitar: Larry DeBari and Stan White.

Accoustic guitar, midi orchestration, bass and drums: Lou Porzilli, Stan White, and Larry DeBari.

Much of Billy the Conqueror was recorded at Tough Guy Studios in McAfee NJ and engineered by Larry DeBari with some engineering help from Lou Porzilli and Stan White.

‘Contact’ and ‘Up To You’ were recorded at the studio of Lumen and White.

Final Sequencing was done at Now Hear This Studio and Pure Sound Studio and Engineered by Brian Foran and Lou Porzilli.

Cover design by Porzilli and White.

Cover art by Min Ku.

Billy the Conqueror was produced by Lou Porzilli and Stan White. All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws.

For more information contact Lumenite Publishing and Productions at P.O. Box 374 Rockaway, N.J. 07866 or E-mail us at