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Star Freighter

By Stan White & Lou Porzilli

Ó 1999


Billy and Crew:

We travel at the speed of light

In suspended animation

Crossing solar systems to the colonies.

Bringing supplies for the new frontier.


I left my family far behind.

See the glory in my eyes.

If there’s no going back to the past,

I’ll travel to the future on a one way trip.

It takes forty- five years just to get to the star

Of the colony calling in need.


By the time I get back, you won’t be here,

‘Though I won’t even age a year.

I only see my home in hundred year jumps.

I’m lucky if anyone’s there.

When I touch down, I’m a man from the past.

A freak that you see, maybe once in your life,

Once in your life, gather near.


I guess I’ll never know what I could have been

If we’d stayed in our own time on Earth,

But, there’s no going back, so I might as well

See how it all comes out in the end.

Billy and Crew:

And we’ll say hello to your grandchildren’s grandchildren.

Say goodbye to you.